Help Repair S. Bart’s Organ!

Project update graphicAfter our second week of fundraising we have raised 95% of our $6,000 goal! Thank you to everyone who has so far donated to Help Repair S. Bart’s Organ!

As many of you will know, S. Bartholomew’s pipe organ has been out of service since Advent of 2019, when a critical component of the instrument — the blower — broke after many years of wear and tear. Quotes were received in December, and a budget for the replacement of the blower was approved early in 2020. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic interrupted our plans, as the company we were to obtain the replacement blower from ceased production due to the pandemic. Manufacture has now recommenced, however, and a blower has been placed on hold for us for one more week by our supplier in the U.S.

Unfortunately, the unanticipated expenses incurred by the Parish in order to meet City and Diocesan protocols for reopening in September have eaten into the cash reserves that would have allowed us to complete repairs to S. Bart’s organ.

The great news is that 95% of our $6,000 goal has now been either received or pledged!

We are asking you, as parishioners and friends of S. Bart’s, to consider donating today to help repair the organ. Every bit helps! Please remember that tax receipts are available for all donations of $20 or more.

How to Donate:

You can donate in-person through weekly offerings or via e-transfer. Please ensure all donations include a note towards “organ fund.”

Here’s how to donate via e-transfer:

  1. Login to your financial institution online or via mobile, and navigate to Interac e-Transfer.
  2. Select the account that you would like funds transferred from.
  3. Enter the amount that you would like to send.
  4. Add recipient, St. Bartholomew’s Anglican Church.
  5. Add email address,
Help Repair S. Bart’s Organ!