Children’s Centre

You may visit the website for the Children’s Centre here.

Executive Director: Ms Marlone (Sandy) Dawkins, E.C.E
Tel: 416-368-6375

Goals & Objectives

The prime purpose of our program is to assist the emotional growth of the child. Children who may not fit easily into other programs can be made to feel welcome in ours. The Centre provides a relaxed atmosphere and a variety of activities of interest to parent and child.


Our fundamental philosophy is to understand the individual, spiritual and physical needs of each child with emphasis on each child’s need to: Experience the fullness of life; know that he/she has a place to belong; and feel needed, loved and appreciated as unique individuals. Discipline is consistent and applied with loving sensitivity. The Centre provides an atmosphere where each child feels secure, loved and appreciated. St Bartholomew’s Children’s Centre staff link with parents, all local schools, religious institutions of any type, and other community agencies with a view towards understanding the unique needs of each child regardless of culture.


We have Programs designed for a multicultural community enabling children to experience our rich cultures, develop the social skills that will make them successful in life and help them to excel in school. We help them overcome the many stresses in today’s world, so that they can integrate into our complex society in a positive way.