S. Bartholomew’s Institute
for Worship & the Liturgical Arts

The S. Bartholomew Institute for Worship and the Liturgical Arts exists to foster renewal in the Church’s worship of Almighty God through renewed study and practice of the Liturgy, liturgical music, textile art, and the plastic arts.

Taking as its touchstone the Apostolic witness to Christ according to the Scriptures and the clarification of that witness by the Church’s ancient Creeds and Councils, the Institute seeks to enrich the contemporary Church by seeking the Spirit of the Liturgy, whereby the same Christ is made manifest in Word and Sacrament.

Grounded in the Church’s ancient apostolic liturgies and the Anglican Prayer-Book tradition, the Institute provides support for the celebration of the Liturgy in both its traditional and contemporary forms.

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The Institute is an expression of the Anglican Diocese of Toronto’s “Season of Spiritual Renewal.”
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