Upcoming Feasts

“Therefore let us keep the feast”

All Saints Day
Wednesday, 1 November, 2017
6:15 pm Procession & Sung Mass

This is one of the most important feast days of our Church Year, summing up, as it does, the Church’s ‘saint-making’ season of Trinity-tide. In this Feast we recollect the lives and witness of all the saints throughout the ages, from the early Apostles and Martyrs of Our Lord’s time right down to the present age, when Christians still offer themselves sacrificially and even suffer and die for their faith. The Church has been built, nurtured and sustained by the faithfulness of these holy men and women. Please join us in worship as we celebrate Our Lord’s glorious victory in that great cloud of faithful witnesses by which we are compassed about.

All Souls: The Commemoration of the Faithful Departed
Thursday, 2 November, 2017
6:15 pm Sung Requiem with Absolutions at the Catafalque

At this moving and beautiful service, we pray for the faithful departed, “those whom we love but see no longer,” that God may work out in them the good purpose of His perfect will. Please bring the names of your dear departed to be remembered by name at this Mass, as we plead for them the merits of that one great Sacrifice that alone can be the means of their redemption and ours.